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My skills : the design (digital & print), development (air, ActionScript 3, flex (Adobe Certified Expert), Away3d, Unity 3d, html 5, css 3, javascript, jQuery, php...), mobile development (iPad, iPhone, Android), CGI, compositing and 3D in general, traditionnal illustration... and a lot, a lot of imagination !

Number of references are not on this site for reasons of confidentiality. Feel free to contact me for more information...

date: october 2018

client: Agence Henri 8

url: not specified

For an event, the agency Henri 8 asked me to work on an augmented reality system for Orange. The markers are assembled by the player, and the result is given by a 3d animation (pass or fail).

Unity developer, Augmented reality, AR

Samsung Gear VR

date: august 2018

client: Prod03

url: not specified

Development of an application for Samsung Gear VR (internal app). It's a totaly interactive application within which the user is immerged in. The app is used for formation purposes.

Unity 3d developer, Oculus developer, VR helmet developer, virtual reality developer

Suze simulator

date: june 2018

client: Soream

url: not specified

Suze is produced from gentian roots. On the occasion of several show organized for Suze, the company Soream asked me to develop a fun simulator gentian uprooting. Coupled with an Arduino and an ingenious mechanical system, the handle allows you to tear the gentian. A photo is taken and sent by email with time to tear the plant. Players register on site and a backoffice was developed for the occasion.

unity simulator, developer, arduino, unity 3d, unity development, french unity 3d developer

Rocket Car

date: march 2018

client: not specified

url: not specified

Rocket Car

Little demo of augmented reality by object recognition. The object recognition is for this moment less precise than by marker, but it works pretty well.This has been done with Unity 3d (2017.3.1f1) and Vuforia.

Unity 3d, Unity 3d developer, vuforia, augmented reality, object recognition

Voyages en Résistances

date: january 2018

client: Petit Homme Production

url: https://www.voyagesenresi[...]

After a hard work, here is indeed Voyages en Résistances, which I developed. It's an educative game on Android / iOs (smartphones) which allow to incarnate a french resistant during WWII, to build up or to integrate a network, and to accomplish missions in augmented reality. The goal is to grow the network, and go through the gestapo's net. A rich learning of what were the risks for a resistant during world war 2... The application is also including educational contents. Some will be scattered all over France. Go and look for them. The application is free and available on respectives stores Google Play and Apple Store.

unity 3d game developer, unity french developer, augmented reality, unity augmented reality, pokemon go unity

VR Physic (HTC Vive)

date: november 2017

client: not specified

url: not specified

VR Physic (HTC Vive)

The physic managment brings a lot to a VR scene. In this example, I've added a dynamic reaction to the object in order to simulate a rubber effect with MegaFier with Unity 3d (HTC Vive).
Environment model credit : Brézillon

virtual reality developer, Unity 3d developer, HTC Vive developer, Oculus rift developer

3d hydraulic configurator

date: september 2017

client: App Intelligence

url: not specified

3d configurator for hydraulic systems. The module has been developed with Unity 3d in WebGL. I've developed the 3d module which is integrated in web page. The module catch dynamic datas from web server. It allows to add/remove items on a base circuit also customizable.

webgl, unity 3d, unity 3d developer, webgl developer, unity 3d development

Radar like system with Unity 3d

date: august 2017

client: not specified

url: http://u3d.as/Rx7

Here is how to simulate a radar like system with Unity and Offscreen indicator (wich is a new asset made by your host).
Offscreen indicator is available on Unity Asset Store.

Unity 3d, Unity Asset Store, Offscreen indicator, C# developer, Track unity gameObjects

Offscreen indicator

date: august 2017

client: not specified

url: http://u3d.as/Rx7

Here is a new Unity 3d asset I just finished, wich allow to track gameObjects on and off screen. With this asset, you can also simulate radar like systems. A new video will come soon about that.
Available on Unity Asset Store

Unity 3d, Offscreen indicator, C# developer, Unity Asset store

Unity 3d interior lighting

date: jully 2017

client: not specified

url: http://download.developpe[...]

Interior lighting study with Unity 3d (2017.1f3). The news feature 'Progressive Lightmapper' is marvelous and makes gain a huge gain of time in tweakings. The PBR materials, and Post processing FX contributes in a great part to realism.
A (Windows) demo is downloadable.

architectural rendering, , Unity 3d developer, virtual visit

Chat Noir

date: october 2016

client: Chat Noir

url: not specified

'Chat Noir' mobile application. The app allow the client to communicate about its skills and references, but moreover, it embed some augmented reality features on the agency's leaflets.Available on iOs and Android.

Unity 3d developer, Unity 3d development, augmented reality developer, Vuforia developer

Bouvet Ladubay

date: march 2016

client: Chat Noir

url: not specified

Mobile application with augmented reality on markers stored on a Cloud. The AR is available on client's flyers, and also on bottles stickers. Every bottle is described in detail, some tasting tips, a full historical background of the brand, and elaboration methods.The application has been developed with Unity 3d and the Vuforia library.It is available on Google Play, and Apple Store.... to consume with moderation !

B&L Univers, Unity 3d developer, augmented reality, Vuforia