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My skills : the design (digital & print), development (air, ActionScript 3, flex (Adobe Certified Expert), Away3d, Unity 3d, html 5, css 3, javascript, jQuery, php...), mobile development (iPad, iPhone, Android), CGI, compositing and 3D in general, traditionnal illustration... and a lot, a lot of imagination !

Number of references are not on this site for reasons of confidentiality. Feel free to contact me for more information...


date: november 2014

client: Kronometry 1999

url: https://itunes.apple.com/[...]

Very elitist smartphone and tablet app which allow to manage luxury watches collection (iOs / Android). Kronometry 1999 wanted to offer to its customers a tools to list their most beautiful pieces of their collection. The apps is declined for Apple Store and Google Play. The datas are stored online and reserved to a privileged poul of Kronometry 1999's customers.

iPad developer, iPhone developer, luxury wtaches collection, Air developer

Triad Chess

date: may 2012

client: Triad-Chess

url: http://www.youtube.com/wa[...]

Retake part of the original code of this Unity 3d chess game for a Mac OSX Apple Store export. This is a clever 3 players chess game (with AI or multiplayer). The game is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and now Mac (Apple Store).

chess game, mac osx, apple store, unity 3d

Admin IPad software

date: december 2011

client: not specified

url: not specified

Admin IPad software

Recent AIR porting on iOs was the opportunity to test development under this platform. Here is a website management software under IPad (iOs). Developed under AIR (Flex), php and mySQL (webservices), the software includes all the features needed to manage the website www.graphiste3d.net (content management, thumbnail croping, multilingual, news, rss, maintenance, debugging, statistics, google analytics, youtube ...). Everything is integrated on the tablet The fluidity is to be improved, but for a first version, AIR seems to work properly on the Apple tablet. The software is available with some minor adjustments on PC and Android.

iOs, IPad, apple, android, IPhone, IPod, flash, as3, flex, actionscript, backend, cms, adobe air

Coffee cup

date: april 2011

client: not specified

url: not specified

Coffee cup

Unity 3D is a very powerful 3d engine, but what about mobile ? I haven't had a chance to test it on iPhone, but Android is quite impressive. I quickly modeled a simple model, coded a few lines in order to manipulate the object, and I must say that so much fluidity is quite exciting. My previous tests with an 3d flash sotfware engine were rather sluggish. The first tests with Molehill Away3d are very impressive. I look forward to compare both engines ....( Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread) Samsung Galaxy S).

unity 3d, unity3d, android, realtime 3d, videogame, video, ios, mobile