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ActionScript 3, Flex and Adobe Air specialist (professor at the IUT of Gap MIW, University Lyon I Claude Bernard of Bourg-en-Bresse LP SIL Metinet) - Certified Adobe Expert Flex.I develop on mobile (Androd, iPad, iPhone...) or desktop (Pc, Mac, Linux) RIA applications, games, online modules, 3d softwares... Are your looking for a project leader or a Flex / AS3 developer to reinforce your team on a project ? I can handle it.

My skills : the design (digital & print), development (air, ActionScript 3, flex (Adobe Certified Expert), Away3d, Unity 3d, html 5, css 3, javascript, jQuery, php...), mobile development (iPad, iPhone, Android), CGI, compositing and 3D in general, traditionnal illustration... and a lot, a lot of imagination !

Number of references are not on this site for reasons of confidentiality. Feel free to contact me for more information...

Webcamo mobile v2.0

date: jully 2015

client: Webcamo

url: https://play.google.com/s[...]

New mobile version for the famous dating site. I've developed this app with the Starling / Feathers library. The interest is to have a maximum level of performance by leveraging the GPU via AIR, and being able to use ths power of FMS to do video chating. The fluidity and user experience is much better than pure AS3 or Flex. The system is based on a php / Adobe Media Server architecture. The application works on smartphone and Android tablet.

Starling, Feathers, actionScript 3, FMS, adobe media server, Adobe Air


date: november 2014

client: Kronometry 1999

url: https://itunes.apple.com/[...]

Very elitist smartphone and tablet app which allow to manage luxury watches collection (iOs / Android). Kronometry 1999 wanted to offer to its customers a tools to list their most beautiful pieces of their collection. The apps is declined for Apple Store and Google Play. The datas are stored online and reserved to a privileged poul of Kronometry 1999's customers.

iPad developer, iPhone developer, luxury wtaches collection, Air developer

The Butterfly Book

date: october 2014

client: La Souris qui Raconte

url: https://itunes.apple.com/[...]

Adaptation of an interactive book for iOs and Android. Credit illustations and animations : Claire Fauché.

interactive book, as3, actionScript 3, iOs, Android, Air mobile development

Multi streaming video player

date: march 2014

client: Chardin business connect

url: not specified

Development of a multi streaming RTMP as3/flash video player. Many parameters are customizable, and it's possible to display up to 6 simultaneous RTMP video streams via a Wowza media server concentrated in a 35 Ko.

Wowza, as3, actionscript, flash , video player

Wowza Shows modules

date: october 2013

client: Asturian network

url: http://www.camcokine.net/

Development of a serie of adults only web show modules. Those were made with Flex/AS3 and Wowza media server. A hostess module allows her to manage the shows, so as the tchat dialogues. The security and paiement management is devoted to php server. With the client module, the user can buy credits, tchat with hostesses, and of course watch the shows. An admin module controls and moderates the exchanges. All the parameters are controled by database. CAREFULL, Camcokine is a website for adults only...

tchat, chat, wowza media server, flex, actionScript 3, AS3, Flex

Color configurator

date: june 2013

client: not specified

url: http://download.graphiste[...]

This is a simple AS3/Air test.The purpose was to create a color confgurator with a simple photo. A rough 3d scene was modeled to render the mattes (diffuse, indirect lightings (global illumination), reflections). the mattes are dynamically binded to the selected color. Some blendModes are attached to the mattes to make the trick.The application is just a test. It can be downloaded at : http://download.graphiste3d.net/Wallcolor.air(need Adobe Air)

as3, actionScript 3, Adobe Air, Air developer, camera match, cameramatch

Stock management iPad application

date: may 2013

client: Kronometry 1999

url: not specified

Development of an iPad application for stocks management of a luxury watches company (Kronometry 1999). This internal application allows each store across Europ to send to headquarter, and database, billing information providers as well as pictures (taken with the iPad camera). The information supplied to the application are dynamically retrieved for increased logic maintenance.

iPad application, iOs, Apple, Air mobile, AS3, ActionScript, Flex, iPad development

GDF map (Bee at a Glance)

date: january 2013

client: Agence Tuesday

url: http://agence-tuesday.fr/[...]

An AS3 maps module for Tuesday agency. The content is fully dynamic (xml), multilingual, and managed by the customer. The graphics are fully vectorial for a better resolution adaptability (credits: Arkyda).

as3, gdf suez, flash, swf, vectorial, as3 developer, flash

Webcamo Android and Blackberry

date: september 2012

client: Transmission Webcamo

url: https://play.google.com/s[...]

Publishing of the application Webcamo (Android), leader of the meeting via webcam. The application was developed with Air / Flex and Flash Media Server (with SharedObjects) / php-mySql. It is available on Google Play and can interact in duo, or lounge (4 webcams streams simultaneously). Wireless network access is recommended, but the application also works with 3G. An instant and deferred messaging are included with the possibility to blacklist a user or add him to contacts. The application is currently available on Android tablet, Blackberry (Playbook) as multilingual. InApp subscription is also expected.

webcamo, fms, actionScript, flex, tchat, streaming, webcam, tablet, live, chat, sharedObject, smartphones, Blackberry, playbook

iPad (iOs) k1999 internal apps

date: may 2012

client: Kronometry 1999

url: not specified

A series of iOs iPad internal applications for Kronometry 1999, a luxury watch company located on multiple sites in Europe. With thoses applications, you can send reporting datas, customers records (via database). You can also take photos and send it. The applications generate a HTML format email with embed pictures. Those apps were developed with Flex - Air for mobile.

k1999, iPad, iOs, luxury, ad-hoc, flex, Adobe air for mobile, actionScript 3

Admin IPad software

date: december 2011

client: not specified

url: not specified

Admin IPad software

Recent AIR porting on iOs was the opportunity to test development under this platform. Here is a website management software under IPad (iOs). Developed under AIR (Flex), php and mySQL (webservices), the software includes all the features needed to manage the website www.graphiste3d.net (content management, thumbnail croping, multilingual, news, rss, maintenance, debugging, statistics, google analytics, youtube ...). Everything is integrated on the tablet The fluidity is to be improved, but for a first version, AIR seems to work properly on the Apple tablet. The software is available with some minor adjustments on PC and Android.

iOs, IPad, apple, android, IPhone, IPod, flash, as3, flex, actionscript, backend, cms, adobe air

swiping DataGrid (android)

date: august 2011

client: not specified

url: not specified

swiping DataGrid (android)

The Flex 4.5 SDK brings a lot of new functions about mobile, but still nothing to manage swiping inertial lists like in most actuals smartphones. That's why I decided to create one from a spark DataGrid. I've used the excellent ThrowProps plugin from Greensock, and adapted it on a Flex configuration. (The scrollBar is now useless, I forgot to remove it)

swipe, swiping, DataGrid, Flex, as3, actionScript 3, actionScript3, Flash, video